Smart Monitor Range

Smart Monitor®  2PS Apnoea Monitor

The SmartMonitor 2 PS provides health care professionals with detailed information about a patient’s heart rate, respiration and oxygen saturation.

Features include Masimo pulse oximetry with SET technology, large memory capacity, 15 hours of portable operation and a bright digital readout. Diagnostic quality waveforms can be captured and reviewed through the Synergy-E Software. In addition, an easy-to-understand interface incorporates universally recognized symbols that help reduce potential language barriers.

Pediatric as well as adult clearances make the SmartMonitor 2 PS ideal for documenting patient response to conscious sedation, patient-controlled analgesia and general floor monitoring.

The SmartMonitor 2 PS also offers

  • Superior waveform quality
  • 4 MB of memory capacity
  • 15 hours of portable operation
  • Universal symbol interface
  • Lightweight design
  • Hospital or homecare selectable settings
  • Backup battery
  • Dual alarm
  • Durable metal patient connector

Smart Monitor® 2 PS Light

SmartMonitor 2 Professional Series Light (PSL) is the latest addition to Children’s Medical Ventures’ SmartMonitor family of products and has been designed for heart rate and respiration monitoring and event recording in a variety of settings.

The Smart Monitor 2 PS Light offers the same innovative features as the Smart Monitor 2 PS without the in-built pulse oximetry.

Smart Monitor 2®

Suitable for home or hospital applications, SmartMonitor 2 is portable and easy to use.

The Smart Monitor offers many of the same innovative features as the Smart Monitor 2 PS Light without the digital display.